All About Basil

taught by Elizabeth Wenig
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Elizabeth Wenig
Elizabeth Wenig
Farmgirl and Herbalist

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  • Owner/Operator of Rocky Creek Valley Farm.
  • Clinical Herbalist
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Herbs are so exciting...they just can't keep themselves from sharing all their herby goodness!  Basil is no exception.

 Basil fresh from my garden.

She's already loved by cooks, chefs and all culinary connoisseurs. But, did you know the flip side of this plant paragon?

Basil is MEDICINE. Plain and simple. Basil offers us extraordinary benefits for our good health and well-being.

Basil's amazing healing power can be harnessed in a tincture, salve, syrup or essential oil.

Basil & Tomatoes in bed together!

Basil & Tomatoes in bed together.

I have tailored and retooled my Basil herb class into an e-course just for you. Not only do you receive the expected culinary delights, but now when you have a cough or burn your finger or need to chase away pesky mosquitoes you just might reach for the BASIL!! :)

And, the best is yet to be....IT'S FREE!!!

You read that right. FREE. F -R -E -E !! :)

You pay zero. Nada. Nothin'.

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I'm so thrilled to be publishing my Rocky Creek Valley Farm courses online that I just HAD to share with you. And, what better way to launch ALL THIS HERBAL goodness than to start with BASIL. After-all, most folks are already in love with her.

So, enjoy ....and don't just enjoy...USE  the knowledge you gain in "ALL ABOUT BASIL" to better your health and your life.

Green Blessings, e:)

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